Youth is Armenia’s present
One of the main issues of the Armenian political arena is the generation change. Average age of the top leadership of the Republic of Armenia is more than 50. For purposes of comparison it is noteworthy that the Armenian top leadership is in average 20 years older than that of neighboring Georgia. The aging Armenian elite do not have a new plan for the country’s development, do not possess new knowledge and fail to absorb the challenges of the modern world. New problems should be tackled with new tools. Yet, the owner of those tools, ideas and technologies is the more sophisticated and capable youth. This notion, seemingly true from the first glance, is actually a dangerous trap. When we were kids we were told that children were the future of their country, when we become youngsters we are persuaded that again we are the future of the country, while when we grow older we are told that the elders are no more than our past. The result is that we never have a PRESENT. However, all issues are solved in the present. In today’s rapidly developing world the future starts right now. The nation having no present does not have a future either. And, by turning the youth into our future, we deny the use of their knowledge and innovative potential and waste our present. Accepting the youth as the country’s PRESENT means providing the latter with functional leverages and resources for state governance, which is hardly an attractive prospect for the aging political generation. This is why, the fake idea about the youth being our future, is always in circulation. However, the Armenian youth have already proved that they are the present of this State thanks to such civil movements as “100 drams campaign” (movement against increase in tariffs of public transportation in Yerevan), “Dem Em” (movement against the reforms of pension system), Electric Yerevan and etc. Bright Armenia’s goals is to implement political generation change in Armenia, politically acknowledge the civil potential of the youth, provide the latter with free environment of performance for unconstrained action and with wide perspectives for expression of their own ideas, with the right to err and equal opportunities. Our goal is to provide the youth with real leverages and resources, enabling them to practically apply their own ideas and knowledge in politics and state governance. Youth is the present of Armenia.

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