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A true liberal is like a gardener who should know as much as possible about the flower he is caring for ...

Friedrich von Hayek


The goal of Bright Armenia is to build a modern, progressive political system in the Republic of Armenia that brings about dynamic development of society, facilitates the development of effective public policy that represents the interests of citizens, forming democratic representative institutions and ensuring the prerequisites for their development.

The founders of the Bright Armenia party will ensure the continuous improvement of the party by studying and revealing the party’s ideological-political characteristics, program postulates, as well as important issues enjoying public attention.

Bright Armenia is a party that aims to develop by means of liberal, progressive decisions and reforms. Our vision is to have modernized Armenia with equal opportunities, where an individual is not a means but a goal.

Bright Armenia will be a party that is not based on the personal aspirations of few, instead will express the interests and problems of not only the ones who support the ideas of liberalism, but also those members of the society who want to see sustainable and developed state where human rights and fundamental freedoms will be entirely practiced at the core of a strong civil society.

The activities of Bright Armenia aim to achieve 

  • the provision of the necessary prerequisites for the formation of a people’s democratic state which respects the rule of law
  • proportional, stable development of the state and society, as well as the civil society and its individual elements
  • providing the foundations of a fullfilled life for the individual through self-realization and development
  • development and implementation of security solutions that are based on the principles of efficiency, consistency and consolidation
  • development and implementation of the national value system, including culture, traditions, mentality, language, preservation and development of cultural heritage
  • improvement of the economic system through the introduction and application of mechanisms based on liberal ideas
  • study of the current social and economic problems in the country and the introduction of new mechanisms for their solution
  • eradication of the ‘shadow economy’ and the implementation of effective anti-monopoly policy
  • facilitating the environment necessary for creating competitive economy and new jobs
  • overcoming poverty and reducing social polarization
  • development and implementation of a demographic policy (an increase in the birth rate, the creation of conditions for immigration and a decrease in emigration).

To achieve this goal, Bright Armenia consistently advocates for

  • attracting specialists at all levels of the public administration system who do have appropriate intellectual foundation, effective work experience, skill and aspiration
  • adopting and applying effective, efficient checks and balances for all branches of government
  • elimination of excessive administration and arbitrary discretion and optimization of government bodies
  • continuous improvement of election procedures and elimination of irregularities in elections.

The rule of law and the fight against crime

Bright Armenia Party envisages the path of a state-building process through the construction of a legal state which guarantees the rule of law.

Bright Armenia believes that the full implementation of the rule of law in the Republic of Armenia is possible only with the mandatory implementation of the following steps:

  • definition of law as a necessary form of universal and necessary freedom
  • equality (equal opportunities) and justice that are fully inscribed in the legislative code and guarantee the rule of law
  • legislative recognition of inalienable and fundamental human rights and their continuous implementation
  • ensuring the obligatory presence of social legitimacy, social need, professional skills and scientific guidelines at all stages of law-making
  • ensuring legal certainty in legislation
  • continuous search, consolidation and consistent implementation of other forms of manifestation of the rule of law that goes in hand with social development.

The Bright Armenia party has intended and will pursue the implementation of the following five principles of the rule of law:

  • accountability of representatives of state power in the manner prescribed by law,
  • fairness, transparency, clarity, publicity, stability and equal applicability of legislation,
  • independence, impartiality and inevitability of justice,
  • timely administration of justice - by a proper number of professional, moral, independent and unbiased persons,
  • principle of legal predictability.

Based on the above principles, Bright Armenia consistently implements the following functions, aimed at ensuring the rule of law in the country: 

  • Fighting against corruption
  • Legitimacy and security
  • Fundamental rights of a person and a citizen
  • Open and transparent public administration
  • Abiding by the rule of law
  • Fair, impartial administration of the general judiciary system (civil, criminal and administrative courts), as well as constitutional justice.

At the same time, it is necessary that criminal manifestations are not only punished in a timely manner, but were primarily prevented in their primary stages of manifestation through introduction of the most acceptable, legitimate customs and culture.


Fighting corruption

In the Republic of Armenia corruption is one of the main reasons for slowing down the processes of democratization, economic development and raising the standard of living of the population. Consequently, Bright Armenia will fight against bribery, theft of state property, the shadow economy and patronage, which will include:

  • introduction and application of modern mechanisms of transparency, accountability and improvement of discipline in the activities of public administration bodies,
  • ensuring the independence of the judiciary system and the inevitability of justice
  • continuous struggle against excessive administration and the introduction of modern mechanisms for streamlining public administrative staff
  • the introduction of state anti-corruption educational programs in order to increase legal awareness and awareness of the population.

Foreign policy

The Bright Armenia party proposed and implemented a balanced, pro-state policy aimed at:

  • comprehensive and stable development of the Republic of Armenia
  • ensuring security and strengthening international authority
  • increasing foreign investment
  • protection and promotion of interests of citizens of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian community abroad
  • active participation in modern global processes and adaptation of the best practice
  • ensuring the right to self-determination of Artsakh population
  • the establishment of good neighborly, mutually beneficial economic relations with the neighboring countries
  • Euro-integration and effective cooperation with international agencies
  • The elevation of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide into legal-judicial dimensions.

The Republic of Armenia can implement a successful foreign policy only in case of providing effective domestic economic and democratic policy. 

The main guarantor of the resolution of the issue of Artsakh and the security of the Republic of Armenia is a strong economy. Having a strong economy, Armenia can act in the field of diplomacy with the most confident and strong positions, and if necessary in the conditions of military confrontation. Moreover, the problem of Artsakh can be solved only by building a progressive, diversified economy that is developing under the rule of law. Consequently, all those who hinder the economic development of Armenia cause significant harm to the settlement of the Artsakh issue, weaken both the diplomatic and military capabilities of Armenia.

Bright Armenia is committed to building a European model of the state in Armenia, combined with effective international experience of public administration institutions, the rule of law and democracy, our strategic, national best features and interests. The party believes that the membership of the Republic of Armenia in the “Eurasian Economic Union” is not a result of complete pursuing the country’s interests. Consequently, the Republic should continue to build the country in the European model, deepening economic and political relations with the European Union with the prospect of full membership.



Bright Armenia believes that the citizens of the Republic of Armenia should receive modern, high guarantees of personal security, which are mainly associated with the strengthening of social, household, financial, informational, environmental and health security in the fields of health and culture.

In order to increase the military security of the Republic of Armenia, to prevent and neutralize threats, Bright Armenia emphasizes the particular importance of:

  • effective democratic control over the Armed Forces
  • ensuring the effectiveness and transparency of military procurement
  • development of modern military industry
  • ensuring the rule of law and discipline in the armed forces
  • sufficient funding of activities of research centers specialized in military/political spheres and elevation of their advisory role
  • ensuring demographic security


The development of the economy of the Republic of Armenia is directly related to effective domestic policy, including the provision of the rule of law, equal opportunities and economic competition, and the effective fight against corruption. The Bright Armenia party aims to create a liberal economic system in the Republic of Armenia, at the same time noting the importance of the state’s role in enhancing economic efficiency, developing and ensuring stable macroeconomic growth, state strategic interests, social and economic justice, economic security structures. To achieve these goals, Bright Armenia considers it important to: 

  • guarantee equal opportunities for economic activity
  • fight against corruption and the shadow economy
  • improve and execute the  legislation and other structures necessary for a stable, liberal economy and an effective investment policy
  • implement an effective financial and credit and tax policy that stimulates the promising sectors of the economy, small and medium businesses, in particular, in the field of high technologies, renewable energy, intensive agriculture, light industry, mining processing industry
  • ensure the transparency of the state budget, securing real structures for monitoring budget execution, the effectiveness of public procurement and the use of external financial borrowings
  • stimulate the introduction of innovations, technologies necessary for acceleration in the development of industry, advanced systems for improving competitiveness and quality management
  • carrying out comprehensive and consistent work with the Diaspora in the direction of securing and implementing investments
  • proportional and specialized territorial economic development.

Proportional regional development

Bright Armenia will fight the increasing disproportionate regional development in the Republic of Armenia as a direct threat to national security.

For that purpose, Bright Armenia Party will implement specialized programs for the development of communities in marzes (regions) and decentralization through the improvement of proposals aimed at zoning and analyzing local comparative advantages, legislative initiatives, boosting the investment and business environment. They will focus on:

  • stimulating local entrepreneurship
  • restoration and development of production and social infrastructures
  • implementation of reforms in the fields of education, culture, social sphere and health care of the marzes
  • development of intercommunal economic cooperation.


A citizen who has received a modern and competitive education is one of the main guarantees of the development of Armenia. State policy in the field of education should contribute to the development of new methods and technologies in education, the formation of a free-thinking, initiative, creative citizen. To achieve this goal, the Bright Armenia Party is committed to

  • increasing public funding of education
  • introduction of innovative technologies and methods in the field of education
  • ensuring continuous improvement of high-quality and competitive teaching staff
  • bringing the quality of education in line with modern international standards
  • reduction of corruption risks in the field of education, the complete eradication of extortion and bribery and the introduction of effective control mechanisms
  • provision of modern scientific and technical conditions in schools
  • development and implementation of the most effective programs and policies in all educational institutions, including preschool, school and university.

The development of education depends not only on the public policy, but also on reasonable and caring attitude to education by the people. An image of an educated and worthy citizen should become exemplary and in high demand in our society.



The development of science in Armenia needs time. Development of competitive branches of science enjoys high importance.. Consequently, the development of science will be key to the activities of the Bright Armenia Party. To achieve this goal, we will be committed to: 

  • a sharp increase in the financing of science
  • providing modern and high-quality higher education
  • providing modern material and technical base and modern scientific literature in higher educational institutions
  • reduction of corruption risks in the field of science
  • stimulating innovation in science, especially in strategically important sectors for Armenia
  • increasing the minimum wage for scientists to ensure free creativity and a decent life
  • effective interaction of science and business

The man and his creative potential are the main guarantee of the development of Armenia. Therefore, it is necessary not to exploit a person’s potential, but to invest in its development and multiplication. The activities of Bright Armenia are aimed at providing favorable conditions for such investments.



Preserving, developing and spreading universal and national culture is of strategic importance for Armenia. The cultural education of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, the enhancement of spiritual knowledge and the disclosure of the creative spirit are an important guarantee of a spiritually healthy and developing society. Armenian culture is an inseparable part of the world culture․ Consequently, Bright Armenia considers important both the preservation of national culture and its harmonization with world culture and development. To achieve this, we consider it important to conduct a comprehensive state policy in the field of culture, to provide the necessary infrastructures and conditions and to improve legislation in the field of culture.


Social sphere

Bright Armenia highlights the need for resolving social issues in the Republic of Armenia, namely through:

  • reducing poverty by creating the necessary environment for employment
  • increasing incomes of the population through the increase in labor productivity and competitiveness
  • ensuring a decent life for elderly citizens through modern pension reforms,
  • integration of people with disabilities into the society by providing modern infrastructures and services
  • development of policies aimed at increasing the social and political participation of women
  • exclusion of family violence, effective protection of children's rights
  • improving the demographic situation.


In the field of health care in Armenia, there are deep issues both in the organization and quality of medical care, and accessibility of medical care, particularly the issue of  corruption. There is also a problem in the import of medicines, quality control and the presence of monopolies. To solve these problems, Bright Armenia considers it important to

  • improve the quality of medical services and management, the development and implementation of a nationwide program aimed at reducing corruption risks in the field
  • introduce the state system of free medical care for disadvantaged groups of the population
  • increase the availability and safety of medicines
  • provide full availability of health insurance

Implementing programs for integrating the potential of the Armenian Diaspora

Bright Armenia believes that Armenia and the Diaspora should become an integrated network system, the single core of which is the Armenian Statehood. It is important to make the ten million Armenians worldwide identify with the Armenian State. More important than the financial assistance for Armenia from the Diaspora is the human and intellectual potential of the  people from the Diaspora. In the matter of political and economic modernization of Armenia, our compatriots from the Diaspora can have a decisive influence with all their resources, the exchange of accumulated experience and innovative ideas. Moreover, such a position on the part of the Diaspora should be viewed not only as an aid, but as a profitable investment in their homeland under the rule of law and equal opportunities. For the Diaspora, the Republic of Armenia should not be a burden and an obligation, but an opportunity and an end point, gradually becoming the guarantor of the security of every Armenian anywhere in the world.



Being a predominantly highland country with a continental climate, The Republic of Armenia should pursue an appropriate target policy that would take account of its own environmental safety. In this regard, the most important environmental challenges are:

  • preservation of hazardous substances and wastes resulting from the exploitation of mineral resources and mining
  • protection of water resources and ensuring their most efficient use
  • safety of forest resources - the immediate cessation of the destruction of forests and other green areas, the implementation of long-term programs for greenspace expansion, solving problems of soil conservation, preventing landslides and fighting with illegal wells.

Cooperation with civil society

One of the priorities of Bright Armenia is to promote the activities of civil society, to develop and implement mechanisms for effective cooperation. The accomplished civil society would support democratic reforms in the country, promote and facilitate the work of public administration, inform, discuss and propose constructive solutions to various problems and events of public importance. The goal of Bright Armenia is to develop and fully utilize the potential of civil society through appropriate legislative changes and by stimulating civil society’s most effective and accountable activities. This is to build a connecting bridge between civil society and government bodies, so that the voice of civil society is always heard and so that decision makers can receive clear calls for political action. 


Political generational change

We are convinced that currently not enough attention is paid to the youth of Armenia, and the potential of young people is not fully deployed. One of the primary goals of Bright Armenia is to carry out a political change of generations in Armenia, to provide young people with the necessary freedom for activity - with broad perspectives of free creative work and manifestation own ideas, with reasonable margin for error and equal opportunity. We will strive to give young people effective levers and resources, to provide an opportunity for the practical application of their own knowledge and ideas in all spheres of public life, including politics and public administration.

Considering all the necessary resources and their effective use in the public administration system, the Bright Armenia party will be purposefully and consistently committed to introducing the necessary realistic mechanisms for solving the issues of social importance. The party will achieve this through daily teamwork and educational activities for the sake of state building, human rights, fundamental freedoms and for the sake of the protection of national and state interests.

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