Armenia – European Model Country – Future EU Member State
Every state, from the moment of its formation, should define a certain model of development. Countries that do not have state traditions replicate and absorb governance models well-known in the world, since the design of own model may take centuries. In the contemporary world there are only a few effective models for the development of a state. Perhaps the most effective model out of the existing ones is the western democratic model, where the fundamental human rights are protected, favorable conditions are established for the people’s welfare and attaining personal happiness, equal opportunities are set for everyone for education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, leisure, free creativity, participation in the state governance and in many other fields. After the independence the political leadership of the Republic of Armenia formally adopted the democratic path of development, however, in reality they have built a soviet-like semi-authoritarian state. This was conditioned by the fact that the political elite of Armenia was still the bearer of Soviet education and mentality, therefore, they could not establish a state order, which was in total contradiction with how they were brought up. The European model for the construction of a state was devalued since it was wrongly applied by wrong people. We believe that there is no alternative for Armenia to the European path of state construction. Having no statehood for centuries, being under the reigns of tyrant regimes, being deprived of elementary human rights we now have to build such a state where an Armenian will be free and protected and will be developing from all perspectives rather than just surviving. Thus, the Bright Armenia Initiative suggests that the Republic of Armenia discontinues its membership with EEU and continue developing the scope of partnership relations with the EU and sign the already negotiated Armenia-EU association agreement including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA). Meanwhile, Armenia should maintain its strategic bilateral cooperation with the Russian Federation with the principles of equal partnership and of long-lasting friendship of the two nations, where Armenia’s national interests may not be compromised in favor of any other state. Bright Armenia believes that the Republic of Armenia should strive for full membership in the European Union. We realize that this is a long process but the first step for full membership and joining the European family should be done today. As the first step Armenia should obtain a status of EU candidate state and through institutional reforms pursue towards full EU membership.

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