From civilian to political

Every now and then civic initiatives are formed around a number of problems in our country that accomplish serious achievements as a result of consistent struggle. The youth involved in civic initiatives has proved that they can unite and selflessly fight for the solution of public issues in particular and for Armenia’s welfare in general. They are ready and capable of conducting an in-depth study of problems and come up with reasonable solutions.

However, it is worth realizing that if the people representing the new category of the civil society are not engaged in politics later on, they will indeed surrender their positions to the stakeholders of the currently practiced political system. We have to unstoppably fight unhealthy politics and unsuccessful decisions.

We will address not only local and specific issues but we will go further in finding system wise solutions to the identified problems and we will sustain Bright Armenia of our dreams. The inner call that drove us to struggle in civic field is now sending a clear message that we have work to do in politics. We envisage Armenia as a modern state with equal opportunities where an individual is not a means but a goal.

According to a widespread opinion in the society there is no chance to heal the Armenian political system which is truly unstable and does not foster the welfare of the people. We believe that the changes are conditioned by us and we propose a mechanism for effective management, for which resources are available in Armenia.

For instance, many people ask why IT industry is developing in Armenia, a sphere where over 300 companies and thousands of specialists operate. The answer is very evident: here we have effective management, which implies effective supervision, responsible workshare, involvement of new people, which brings “fresh breath” and new solutions, there are systems deployed and everyone understands that there are no irreplaceable specialists. These principles proved their viability in practice and this is what we are going to import into politics.

Involvement of new people, with new mindsets and new principles, is one of the paths to healing the political system.

We came to a number of conclusions from various civic movements, the most important of which was probably the fact that although a consistent civic movement may and is recording certain success in eliminating the consequences of problems, however, the causes of these problems require systemized solutions, the key to which is in the political field. From now on, we will struggle for systemized solutions and will apply our civic expertise and the potential in politics. It is the high time for the conscious, dignified and educated citizen to transform from complainer and demander to a political power having the nation’s welfare in the core of its political agenda, by raising and proposing solutions to the problems existing in the political field.

Join us in building the dignified Armenia of today!

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