Balancing Political System
One of the main reasons of having a de facto one-party system in Armenia is because the mechanism of balancing of political powers, well-known in the world, does not function in Armenia. In a political system political powers should be checking and balancing each other presenting alternative ideas, visions and programs. This mechanism will result in a situation where the political powers holding the office will not have a monopoly on presenting and forcing ideas. Political powers in Armenia are not capable of checking and balancing each other neither by financial resources and administrative leverages nor by ideas. Ideological monotony deprives the political struggle from essence turning the process into fight for power where the main resources to be used are financial, technical and administrative leverages. These are the areas in which the ruling party is always more powerful than the opposition. The absence of political struggle and balancing prevents the development of the state. Struggle is the main warrant of development. Hegel’s law “on the unity and conflict of opposites” functions in the nature as well as in the politics. The struggle between opposing parties results in development and prevents the standstill. This is proved by the British model of party struggle, which has become one of the pillars of parliamentarism and spread throughout a number of developed democratic countries in the world. The political arena in Armenia is in stagnation since there is no struggle between alternative ideas that would lead to mutual checks and balances of political powers promoting the development. The goal of Bright Armenia is to establish balanced struggle in the political arena, present differing approaches and ideas, bring new political culture and develop mechanisms of checks and balances in the political system.

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