Political socialization
The unhealthy state of the Armenian political system and the negative attitude of the society towards politics in general are largely conditioned by such an important factor as the political socialization. This is a process during which people form their ideas, values and attitude towards politics. They become aware of political institutions, of their main activities and objectives. Main circles of political socialization include the family, school, media, political parties and etc. So, the politics will become whatever ideas and values are preached by these circles. Since the independence of Armenia schools, families, mass media and political parties have not appropriately briefed our society about the core meanings of politics, parties, parliamentarism, democracy and human rights. Instead of values of freedom and equality, ideas based on soviet mentality have been widely spread which gradually led people to conformism and inactivity. The society has been preached that politics is a dirty and immoral environment from which one must stay as far as possible. As a result of this widespread propaganda people got isolated from politics and without even paying attention to the fact that most vital issues are solved merely through politics. The people’s political isolation and lack of political knowledge increased the sense of irresponsibility of political powers of Armenia. In these conditions, by often reaching mutual agreements behind the curtains and violating society’s interests, the political powers have served to their private, clan interests. The political powers and parties of Armenia have not implemented political socialization yet, have not shared political knowledge with people and failed to disseminate real political values and ideas. Willingly or unwillingly they have isolated the society from politics treating people as one-time voters who are needed once in 4-5 years. This is why civil movements avoid from being politicized having vague perceptions and knowledge of politics. Bright Armenia’s objective is to start widespread process of political socialization in Armenia, disseminate true and comprehensive information about politics, implant such values and ideas that would take people out of their passive state and turn them from political tools to political factors and active political participants, establishing control over the whole political system and becoming the actual owner of their State.

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